Teachers Module

Teachers module allows teachers Taking Attendance, Giving Assignment
Eeasily and Effortlessly..

Review Admission

Teachers module can access Online Admission application. So they can review applications to select proper candidate.

Lesson Plan

Upload weekly, monthly and yearly lesson plans & map it against school calendar. Share your lesson plans with your students.

Attendance Record

Teachers Module allow teachers to record attendance instantly in web app, So parents can rest without worried about their child.

Report Card

Lets you create, customize & distribute report cards like never before. Upload student report card here and retrieve it in the future.

Teacher’s Routine

Have a look of daily and weekly class routine and check scheduled meetings to attend. So no conflict of schedules.


Let Assign Homework Digitally, set the deadline and send instant notification to whole class or an individual student.

Overview of Teachers Module

Teachers module is an integral part of Alokito Software, because most of the crucial operations such as creation of schedules, releasing examination details, report submission, forums etc., are tied with this module. Teachers can log into their account and get the most updated reports on students' attendance, their performance etc. They can get in touch with the parents too. It helps teachers in reducing their workload. They can get real-time visibility in data related to each and every student they teach. It allows teachers to be ready with future plans for the students too.

We realized the need for a specialized access portal for the teachers as they are an integral part in the education system. The Web School ERP, teacher module features the submission of class attendances and progress reports of students. Teachers are provided with passwords to access this portal so as to ensure security.The ERP is designed so as to reduce the stress and efforts of teachers in managing the student records and academic curriculum’s.

Helps in managing all teacher-related activities like 'allotment of classes', 'salary payment', 'class-allotment',' leave calculation', students-parent meetings and many more. Teachers can remotely login to their classes. The can enter their class attendance details. They can enter progress report detalis from their login. They can see or provide feedback to the parents about their growth Teachers can print the progress report.

Core Features of Teachers Module

Student Admission

Online Admission, Re-Admission process can review in Teachers module. So Admission process is much easy from before.

Lesson Planning

Teachers can add Plan of lessons for students will stay on track with the portions taught in classes they skipped.

Online Examination

The software conduct the examination and automatically checks and assign score to the online examination.

Assignment & Notes

For each assignments and notes are allocated here. So Parents can access quickly to assist their child.

Leave Management

Teacher Module help teacher's to apply for their own leave. Also can approve student leave from this module.

Academic Calender

This module lets you add the important events to the academic calender mention all the important events happening.


Exam schedules, portions, syllabus and evaluation reports, grading an accesess easily from Parents Module.

Time Table

Updated time charting of classes and other events can be published on our timetable management portal.

Occurrence Register

There are a lot of occurrences happen. Teachers can register by using the occurrence register module.

Admins Module

Admins Module

Admin module allow to manage all administrative work from single dashboard.

Teacher Module

Teacher Module

Teacher module Taking Attendance, Student Details and view relevant utility Reports.

Parents Module

Parents Module

Parents Module help parents easily to get update news about thair boys & girls.

Students Module

Students Module

Stay updated with daily class timetable and teacher allocations, & many more.

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