Parents Module

Parents module allows parents track information about their child/student
Eeasily and Effortlessly..

Student Admission

Parents module help parents by Online Admission of their child. It's so much easier & quickly Process without present in school.

School Schedules

Parents Module allow parents to know easily School Schedules, Exam Schedules, Event Schedules. So they assist their child easily.

Attendance Record

Parents Module allow parents to check in attendance records instantly, So they can rest without worried about their child.

Performance Measurement

Parents Module allow parents to monitor performance of their child easily from Parents module. So they can concerned easily.

Notice Board

Parents Module allow parents to check Notice Board instantly, informed about school exam, schedules, events etc.

Homework Details

Parents Module allow parents to check out homework of their child, so they can assist easily prepare homework of their child.

Overview of Parents Module

Alokito Software is bridged between teachers and parents to update the student information. Every student has a unique login and it is also provided to students’ parents also so they are, anytime login into the web portal. On the web portal, parents can view student information, timetable, exam schedules, and various reports. Parents can be compared the student results with another student which is a most important fetcher of the online parent web portal.

With the parents module, our clients are ensured by the fulfilled quality of the educational establishment. This feature is made so as to satisfy the important duties of the parents, in monitoring the performance of their children in both the academics and the extra-curricular activities. They can keep following students attendance lists, fee payment details, class schedules, exam timetables, progress reports and all other day-to-day happenings in the school.

The online student management system provides web portal which benefits for parents to track information about their child/student. A parent can get updates about their student time to time. The Alokito software is directly connected to the online system so users can easily upload the student data anytime. Student data can be easily synchronized from offline to online through school management software.

Core Features of Parents Module

Student Admission

Online Admission, Re-Admission process can start by Parents module. So Admission process is much easy from before.

Lesson Planning

Parents can access the Plan of lessons for students will stay on track with the portions taught in classes they skipped.

SMS Alerts

Whenever there is an update or notification, attendance, absent in the School, the parent get notified it by SMS.

Assignment & Notes

For each assignments and notes are allocated here. So Parents can access quickly to assist their child.


Parents Module allow Parents know various kind of fees. So They can make payments easily without an hatcheled.

Academic Calender

This module lets you add the important events to the academic calender mention all the important events happening.


Exam schedules, portions, syllabus and evaluation reports, grading an accesess easily from Parents Module.

Time Table

Updated time charting of classes and other events can be published on our timetable management portal.

Notice Board

The notice board provides all the essential notifications and reminders regarding the school and academics.

Admins Module

Admins Module

Admin module allow to manage all administrative work from single dashboard.

Teacher Module

Teacher Module

Teacher module Taking Attendance, Student Details and view relevant utility Reports.

Parents Module

Parents Module

Parents Module help parents easily to get update news about thair boys & girls.

Students Module

Students Module

Stay updated with daily class timetable and teacher allocations, & many more.

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