School Management System

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School Management System

A school management system is the large database system used for efficiently manages school business. It allows Users to store all information of students, teachers, employees, school properties, class management in the database.

It includes applications like

Students registration

  • Enrollment
  • Teacher’s information
  • Class Schedule
  • Attendance record
  • Properties
  • Library
  • Complain

In addition to preparing student's report card, preparing reports for teachers and parents is also done by School Management System. SMS are used by students and parents to collect the information about registration, class attendance and exam results or class performance. Teachers and administrators use it to collect information about provided education to manage it, improve student’s quality and ensure accountability.

System that exists in our country

In the current system, it has to be maintaining many registers and record books for the student's record keeping. It is very time killing and uphill work that a student’s information finding manually. Same as another person is work for employee’s payroll. It is also an arduous work to perform manually.

It may happen that teachers need to hold a meeting with his student's parents about disciplinary control or any other matter. He has to search thousands of paper for only one in the record office. That is really tough.

 In the same way, all of the management systems are difficult to perform manually.

Solutions of the system:

In our proposed school management system we allow students adding their personal details by themselves. So, the school authority remains free from a headache about this matter. It is very easy to edit students personal details in the database in SMS. The marks and attendance report added in the SMS database. So, students and parents can view the progress or deterioration of the student from their personal mobile phone or laptop using student’s username and password.

You should use School Management Systems because

  • Of its fast access to the database
  • It provides error-free information
  • Easy to edition
  • It is the task of one minute if school authority want to know about school fund and  properties
  • It can also provide the statement of financial position of the school
  • Administrator can get to know any of the information by two or three clicks
  • It is much more user-friendly

Any new technology has a purpose that makes your life easy to easier. You can manage your school business very effortlessly if you use our proposed EIMS Software. It will save your time and money. It will make you able to enjoy your personal life.

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